I hope you have

My purpose as a wedding and elopement filmmaker is so much more than capturing beautiful moments or creating a beautiful film, but to make your documentation truly unique & meaningful to you. 

These are some of your most intimate & heartfelt moments & as your videographer, I'm being invited into those moments & this time and I don't take that lightly. My mission is to preserve these fleeting moments for you, to create a moving piece of art that is a reflection of your hearts & celebrates your individual love story.

As you explore this investment page, know that each collection is designed with you in mind, with the intention to capture your day in it's most authentic form. To have the emotions and the feelings from your most unforgettable day echo throughout your lives together & for future generations

My philosophy

I believe a beautiful film, first starts with the connection we build..

Your marriage means something. If you take a second and think about the impact a good marriage has.... 

A good, strong marriage creates strong families, which can profoundly impact not just the couple but their communities & the generations to come. If we think about our grandparents and in most cases, the ripple effect their marriage had on us (either good or bad). In most cases, one marriage can be the foundation of stability, fostering an environment where love, respect, and commitment are celebrates and those strong marriages can ripple through time. 

Your promise to one another is the very start of a legacy of love that will extend far beyond your own lifetime.

Because of that, my approach to filmmaking is first & foremost, intentional & personalized to you. I want your film to be timeless - carefully and thoughtfully created to not only be a reflection of your wedding day but a true moving story of your hearts; to embody all the things that make your unique story & relationship, you. So whether you are watching your wedding film on your one year anniversary or 40 years later surrounded by grandkids, I want you to watch your film back with tear filled eyes and think "wow, this feels like us." 

A legacy of love

Our collections start at $5500, and the average client spends between $5500-$7000.


Upon inquiry, you will receive a full pricing guide & the next steps to set up a consultation! I love having the opportunity to chat further to make sure I have a clear idea of what it is you are looking for, walk you through everything, answer all your questions, hear all about the day you are dreaming up & make sure you feel like I'm the girl for you! 

Nick & Carly

"Working with Kaitlyn was like having a dear friend capture the essence of our day. I had admired her work even before I got engaged, and having her be part of our day was a dream come! Throughout the day, she felt like part of the celebration rather than just a vendor. Her enthusiasm and warm presence eased any nervousness, making us feel at ease in front of the camera. To our dream videographer, your work is a gift we'll cherish forever. Thank you for making our wedding day even more special and giving us a tangible memory to hold onto. We can’t thank you enough!"

99% of my couples are not comfortable in front of the camera - that's not only okay but it's normal (unless your the Kardashians). That's a huge part of the reason I build relationships with each of my clients to ensure I'm a friendly and comforting face on your wedding day. I'm here to help you relax, to have fun, & help you enjoy each moment. If you are just being yourself, your film will turn out just the way it's meant too.

I'm based in Southern Oregon! I travel all over the Pacific Northwest regularly throughout wedding season. I take on a limited amount of out of state weddings a year so be sure to check out my travel schedule to see if you can take advantage of times I'll already be flying.

I know that hiring a wedding videographer is an investment, but there is a reason brides say not hiring one is their number one regret. When the day comes to an end and everything is all said and done, all you're left with is the photos, videos & faded memories from your day. Photos can only evoke so much emotion, it is film that allows you to remerge yourself in those feelings. A wedding film is an investment in memories thats truly worth it. Now the question is finding the right videographer for you.

Absolutely! I know first hand that planning your wedding & booking all your vendors can feel daunting. I'm here to listen to your needs, to work with you & your budget. If I'm your dream videographer, we will make it happen. I offer installments of 3, 4 or 6. 


Honestly, you are just gaining a friend that happens to be your wedding videographer. We'll have lots of light hearted, easy conversations throughout the next several months as we get to know each other. We'll talk about your families & your wedding film & throughout the planning process, I'm always there to help with questions, recommendations, problem solving, you name it. My hope is your experience with me is so much more than you would have expected from your videographer.

Once you know I'm your girl, I would highly suggest reaching out sooner rather than later. Some dates can get taken 12+ months in advanced and I only accept 15-20 weddings in a calendar year. 

I do! I have partnered with my one of my favorite photographers, Miranda Jean Photo to create a custom collection for couples who wish to book us both. I also provide couples a smaller discount for working with either Leah Warner Photo or Ellie Nisbet because your vendor relationships matter & these women are incredible! 

Absolutely! I offer raw footage films for each of my clients as a small add-on. Think of it as an old school wedding film that includes all the footage we captured throughout the day & raw audio that goes along with it. Raw footage films are approximately 2 hours long & are included in final delivery thumb drives.



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